Tube Sheets in Guaymango, San Miguel

Get Best quality Tube Sheets in Guaymango, San Miguel

Tube sheets can be fixed or floating dependent on the application the heat exchanger is designed for. Tube sheets are a critical component of the final design. There are a multitude of materials they can be manufactured from. Material selection is made after careful consideration as it is in contact with both fluids. It must therefore have the necessary corrosion resistance, electromechanical and metallurgical properties associated for its given working environment.

The tube sheets themselves contain holes drilled into them. This, in a given, very specific design configuration, at very precise locations with critical tolerances. The amounts of holes can range from a few to thousands. These pattern or “pitch” holes are relative to each other tubesheet within the shell. This pitch changes tube distance, angle and flow direction. These parameters have been varied to maximize the heat transfer effectiveness.

Our considerable experience in this highly specialized area means that whatever the requirement, whatever the timescale, we have the technical, in house experience and know-how to approach a given task, deliver on time and in budget. This is why the company is entrusted to manufacture.

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Part Type :  Heat Transfer Plates

Section Shape :  Square

Exchanger Type :  Shell & Tube

Technique :  Seamless

Size/Dimensions :  as per required

Materials :  Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Titanium, Cupro Nickel, Nickel Alloy etc.