Nascent Fittings Inc - quality-oriented business house is one of the paramount stainless steel Welded Outlets manufacturers from India. Our alloy steel Welded Outlets are highly praised for their superior quality. We offer all kinds of Welded Outlets which al are widely used for various industrial applications. We offer wide assortments of alloy steel Welded Outlets as well as stainless steel Welded Outlets which all are 100% free from any corrosion attack. Our esteemed clients will be amazed to know that we offer all sorts of steel & alloys Welded Outlets at the most reasonable price.

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Forging of Alloy Steel Nipple Outlet Fittings also provides means for aligning the grain flow to best obtain desired directional strengths. Secondary processing in Alloy Steel Sweepolet Fittings, such as heat treating, can be used to further refine the part. Finally, consideration must be given to the corrosive agents by means of which are why Alloy Steel Latrolet Fittings will come into contact.

Outlet Fittings has excellent weldability in dense plates and excellent low temp durability. Our products are made from superior quality Raw Material and are available in Customized Designs to suit different requirements of the clients. Our contemporary technology and constant efforts to acquire new skills to enhance production is the secret of our success and impeccable quality.


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Size :  1/8 NB to 4 NB, DN6- DN100

Connect type :  threaded, welded, SW, BW

Process :  plate cutting forged, free forging .

Form :  Welding Outlet, Elbow Outlet, Socket Outlet, Threaded Outlet, Lateral Outlet, Nipple Outlet .

Thickness :  SCH 5S,SCH 10S, SCH 40S, SCH 80S, SCH 120S.