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We constantly strives to upgrade processes and materials, incorporating international developments in the piping industry to benefit the customers.

Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas sector is understandably classed as being the biggest industry in the world in terms of dollar value. Oil and Gas companies are usually significant contributors to National GDP worldwide and they provide employment to millions of people across the globe. By far, the largest volumes of products of the oil and gas industry are fuel oil and gasoline (petrol).

The oil and gas industry widely operates in demanding environments that sees machinery working in very high or low temperatures in potential toxic substances. Because of this, special grades of metal have been developed to ensure that it can resist corrosion and withstand extreme temperatures.

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Defence and Mining

We adheres to the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering sector, supplying precision sheet metal fabrications. We are closely affiliated with the Dynamic Metals Group, which has proven expertise in metal fabrication and assembly of some of the most demanding heavily armored military combat vehicle applications.

The company has a full understanding of the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering sector.

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Power Plant

Many nuclear power stations are situated on the coast and use sea water for cooling which again calls for special piping resistant to the high corrosiveness of saltwater. Stainless steel pipe and tubes when manufactured to the required standards are more than adequate for the long, harsh duty cycles required when utilised in a reactor environment.

There are a number of different types of Stainless Steels, which are characterised according to their crystalline structure. For example, when nickel is added, the austenite structure is stabilised, making steel that is both non-magnetic and less brittle at low temperatures.

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Customized Requirements

If you’re looking for the ideal pipe tubing for your unique application, Nascent Fittings Inc can help! Just request a quote and Nascent Fittings Inc will take the time to consider the details of your tubing application in order to customize the specific pipe tubing you need, then custom fabricate it to your required specifications. Nascent Fittings Inc seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel pipe is stocked in the annealed and pickled condition, making it suitable for welding, bending and fabrication of all kinds.

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Our Vision

To supply high-quality steel products, providing related services and solutions to a worldwide client base while utilizing innovative technologies within an environment of motivated employees focused on continuous improvement, highest business standards, work ethics and corporate citizenship, leading to added value to our customers and sustained return on investment to our shareholders.

Our Mission

To be known for our quality of products and excellent service. Maintaining an uncompromising attitude towards quality of our products, service back-up, clear business strategy, ethical business practice and corporate governess, mutual trust, simple & transparent procedures, sound financial management and host of value added services thus giving our clients “TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.

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