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We constantly strives to upgrade processes and materials, incorporating international developments in the piping industry to benefit the customers.

We are serving large number of mining and defence applications

We adheres to the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering sector, supplying precision sheet metal fabrications. We are closely affiliated with the Dynamic Metals Group, which has proven expertise in metal fabrication and assembly of some of the most demanding heavily armored military combat vehicle applications.

Mining and Minerals

The Mining Industry involves the discovery, processing and development of a variety of minerals. The minerals are subsequently used by many different industries like in energy production and construction.

Materials recovered by mining include base metals, precious metals, iron, uranium, coal, diamonds, limestone, oil shale, rock salt and potash. Mining, in a wider sense, comprises the extraction of non-renewable resource. For this reason, modern mining has recently been concerned with minimising the negative environmental impacts of the practice by adopting new regulations, more efficient techniques and better ‘clean-up’ processes.

Mining today is largely able to profitably and safely recover minerals with little negative impact to the environment.


Mining is another industry where stainless steel has made life so much easier and more profitable. From use within the construction of a mine and piping, to workbenches and the utensils in mess, they are all made from stainless steel nowadays.

Stainless steel has been used in the mining industry for many decades as it has a plethora of characteristics that make it perfect for use in mining environments. For example, it is light in weight but also strong and durable; it is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t rust; it is easy to clean; and finally, it is a very sustainable material.

What’s more, stainless steel has the ability to be alloyed with many different elements which means it can take on different properties and thus be even more versatile. This versatility means that it can be used in many different applications.

As you would expect, an expansive array of advanced equipment and machinery is required in the mining industry. It needs to be able to withstand harsh environments and consistently perform.

It is probably unsurprising then that stainless steel has emerged to be the metal-of-choice for so many professionals in the mining industry. This is because of its low cost, high strength, low weight, ability to resist corrosion, durability and sustainability. Interestingly, stainless steel is also known for being very easy to clean due to its smooth surface and is consequently used to store substances as it reduced the risk of contamination. There is a growing demand for duplex steel in this environment as well as it has a higher strength than carbon steel and an extremely high level of corrosion resistance.